Alistair Boyle : Erdős Number

An Erdős Number

My Erdős number is at most five.

Paul Erdős (1913–1996) was an influential mathematician, who spent a large portion of his later life living out of a suitcase and writing papers with those of his colleagues willing to give him room and board. He published more papers during his life (at least 1,525) than any other mathematician in history with somewhere around 509 co-authors. (Euler published more pages than Erdős.)

Erdős has come to be an element of mathematical folklore. He was a fascinating character, worth a few minutes of reading about his life. Perhaps you will be someone who collects one of his famous awards for solving a mathematical conundrum?

To be assigned an Erdős number, an author must co-write a research paper with an author with a finite Erdős number. Paul Erdős has an Erdős number of zero. Anybody else's Erdős number is k + 1 where k is the lowest Erdős number of any coauthor.

Below is the chain of co-authors between Paul Erdős and I.

5: Alistair Boyle
4: William R. B. Lionheart
3: Sungwhan Kim
2: Masahiro Yamamoto
1: Volmos Komornik
0: Paul Erdős

Végre nem butulok tovább.
[Finally I am becoming stupider no more.]
–epitaph of Paul Erdős (self-written)

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